Megu – Tribeca

It’s been years since I last dined at Megu in Tribeca, but it is still as delicious as I remember it. During my most recent visit, I really enjoyed the foie gras chawanmushi (egg custard) with black truffle, as well as my two rolls, toro with takuan pickles and crispy seared salmon. I had to have the green tea crepe cake for dessert — it is heavenly. Glad to know that some things never change.

Megu: 62 Thomas Street (between Church Street and West Broadway)


Foie Gras Chawanmushi a la Rossini
(MEGU Original Egg Custard with Black Truffle)


Toro Tuna & Takuan Pickles Roll and Crispy Seared Salmon Roll


Toro Tuna & Takuan Pickles


Crispy Seared Salmon Roll


Vegetable Fried Rice


Green Tea Crepe Cake

Megu – Tribeca