Isa [brunch] (Brooklyn, NY)

My fellow food lover, SaraDish, and I are huge fans of Chef Ginger Pierce and Preston Madson. They are incredibly talented in the kitchen, or should I say “kitchens” , since they are the Executive Chefs at three awesome restaurants: Freemans, Peels, and Isa. Might I also add that they are married and make a really cute couple. :)  On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, SaraDish and I ventured out into the far away land of Brooklyn, NY, to enjoy a lovely brunch at Isa. I had studied the menu beforehand (their hand-drawn menus are really cool) and knew exactly what I would order: the breakfast pizza, lemon ricotta pancakes, and baked eggs with polenta. All three were delicious! I’m a sucker for runny eggs and pizzas made in wood ovens, so naturally, I loved the breakfast pizza. The salsa verde was incredible! The lemon ricotta pancakes were fluffy, buttery, and crispy around the edges, just the way I like it. And the baked eggs with polenta and roasted tomatoes was comforting and satisfying — I could eat this dish every day. Thank you, Chefs Preston & Ginger, for a fantastic brunch!

Isa: 348 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 


Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with whipped butter


Breakfast Pizza with egg, fontina, pancetta, salsa verde


Close up of that beautiful runny egg


Wood oven baked eggs, polenta, roasted tomato, parmesan


The dining room


Open kitchen

Isa [brunch] (Brooklyn, NY)