North End Grill [brunch]

It’s a gorgeous day in NYC and I’m back at one of my favorite brunch spots. This time, I’m accompanied by a bestie and her darling baby girl. A crisp glass of sparkling rosé seemed like just the drink to toast to the occasion. We enjoyed a variety of fresh, delicious dishes, including the tuna tartare with fried quail egg (my new favorite), Maine crab salad with avocado and cherry (light and savory with a hint of sweetness), and rice-flaked halibut with watermelon (a unique and tasty combo of flavors and textures). We were already pretty full by the time three decadent desserts made their way to our table. Hands down, our fave was the Manhattan Sundae, a clever play on the classic cocktail. Loved that bourbon ice cream and sweet vermouth caramel! We also indulged in the butterscotch pot de creme (so luxurious) and German chocolate cake (a chocolate lover’s dream). A huge thanks to Sous Chef, Zia Sheikh — it’s always a pleasure to see him at North End Grill. Now we need to walk off this meal in order to make room for our next one in an hour!

North End Grill: 140 North End Avenue (between Murray and Vesey)


Sparking Rosé


Tuna Tartare with Fried Quail Egg and Crispy Shallots


Maine Crab Salad with Avocado and Cherries


Rice Flaked Halibut with Watermelon, Watercress, and Lime


Manhattan Sundae with Bourbon Ice Cream, Cherry Meringues and Sweet Vermouth Caramel


Butterscotch Pot de Crème with Chocolate Streusel and “Single Maltmallows”


German Chocolate Cake with Milk Chocolate-Coconut Ice Cream

North End Grill [brunch]