Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria

I have had Il Buco AV on my list of must-try restaurants for a while now. After three chefs that I recently interviewed mentioned that it was a favorite of theirs, I knew that I needed to check it out immediately and see what all of this talk about Chef Justin Smillie was about. A chef buddy (and food twin) of mine was down to try it with me, which was awesome because dining with people who love to eat is the best. We had an amazing meal from start to finish. A few of the dishes that are still on my mind: the ricotta with white anchovies, shaved foie gras with beets, bucatini cacio e pepe, and orecchiette with sausage and onion. I’m obsessed with cacio e pepe (pecorino cheese and black pepper) and this one was simply perfect. There were so many more dishes that I was dying to try — looks like I’ll have to come back again soon! Chef Smillie, you rock. :)

Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria: 53 Great Jones Street (between Bowery and Lafayette)


Pomodorini (heirloom cherry tomatoes, cucamelon, trout caviar)


Ricotta, Persian cucumber, lemon, marinated white anchovies


Pulpo a la Plancha (seared octopus, heirloom squash, fregola, black garlic)


Fegato D’Anatra (shaved foie gras, grated local beet, grilled filone)


Crudo di Carne (Painted Hills beef, chanterelles, toast)


Bucatini Cacio e Pepe (pecorino Romano, black pepper) 


Orecchiette (housemade sausage, spring onion, parmigiano)


Meran Pinot Noir


Open kitchen


The dining room


Front room

Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria