Left Bank

I brought a few friends with me to Left Bank so they could experience Chef Laurence Edelman’s fresh, delicious food. Since there were four of us dining together, we ordered a bunch of plates to share — my favorite thing to do! Loved the burger, mongolian dumplings, and fiorentini, all of which I tried for the first time tonight. I had to order a few dishes that I absolutely adore — the shaved gravlax and zucchini salad (such a perfect summer salad!) and the pappardelle with zucchini and squash (can you tell them I’m obsessed with zucchini?).  We also had the privilege of tasting a brand new dish that was not on the menu:  pan-seared smoked salmon with  zucchini ricotta. Everyone LOVED it! For dessert, we shared the lemon blueberry tart and the peach & frangipane galette, which I had seen on Instagram and knew that I had to try it — both were just perfect. A million thanks to Chef Laurence Edelman for yet another fantastic meal. I’m a Left Bank fan for life! Love their new logo, by the way. :)

Left Bank: 117 Perry Street (at Greenwich Street)


bar burger, potato roll, gouda, onions


mongolian dumplings, soy, lime & scallion


seared smoked salmon with zucchini ricotta — special dish that was not on the menu


shaved zucchini & gravlax salad, radicchio leaf, fresh ricotta


pappardelle, zucchini & squash, hazelnuts, sage, pecorino


fiorentini, slow cooked pork and beef ragu, parmigiano reggiano


peach and frangipane galette, cinnamon ice cream


lemon blueberry tart, whipped cream


I love the new Left Bank logo!

Left Bank