Bone-in rib-eyes are the reason I wake up in the morning. When I heard that one of my favorite chefs, Michael White, was opening a new restaurant named after my favorite cut of beef (Costata means “rib-eye” in Italian), I couldn’t believe my luck! I was ecstatic. :)  My meal began with a few fresh oysters and an amazing entree-sized pasta, Garganelli alla Fiamma with peas, prosciutto, and truffle cream. My actual entree: The Costata, of course! Forty four glorious ounces of tomahawk rib-eye for two… it was a beautiful sight. Crispy seared crust on the outside, perfectly cooked medium rare meaty goodness on the inside. We had our choice of sauces and butters for the steak — we went with bearnaise and truffle butter, but to be honest, I barely touched them. The meat was so flavorful, tender, and juicy, I wanted to savor it in it’s purest state. What happened to the bone, you ask? You better believe I had that puppy wrapped up to take home, with the intent of frying it up with some eggs and white rice the next day. A huge thanks to my awesome aunt and uncle for such an incredibly delicious dinner!

Costata: 206 Spring Street (between Sullivan and Thompson) 


East Beach Blonde, Naked Cowboy, Hurricane Island, Kusshi, and Luna Lagoon Oysters


GARGANELLI ALLA FIAMMA (with prosciutto, peas, truffle cream)


The COSTATA (44oz Tomahawk Ribeye)


Beautiful slices of the Costata


Truffle butter and Bearnaise sauce


Baby carrots


Affogato (freshly brewed espresso, ramazzotti amaro, fior di latte gelato)


Took home the bone!