Left Bank

Back at Left Bank for dinner — I’m pumped! Chef Laurence Edelman is known for using fresh, seasonal ingredients in his cooking and is always coming up with fun and creative dishes. It’s been a few months since my last meal here and I’m excited to see what new dishes on are on the menu. SaraDish and I sat at the bar and shared a bottle of Pigato (a crisp Italian white wine) recommended by the bartender — it was the perfect choice for a hot summer night. Our meal consisted of five delightful plates: beefsteak tomatoes with spring onions & basil, steak tartare crostini, shaved zucchini & gravlax salad with fresh ricotta, swiss chard pie with fried egg, and pappardelle with zucchini, squash & pecorino. I absolutely loved every single dish! It was literally a combination of my most favorite things to eat in the world. I have to give a special shout out to the swiss chard pie (I love savory pies and I’ve never had a pie like this before!) and the pappardelle (unbelievably delicious… I’m coming back for more very soon). We had the maple syrup pie with creme fraiche for dessert — a great end to a sensational meal. :)

Left Bank: 117 Perry Street (at Greenwich Street)


Welcome to Left Bank


Loved this Pigato recommended by the bartender


beefsteak tomatoes, spring onions, mixed basil


steak tartare crostini, capers, seasonal pickle


shaved zucchini & gravlax salad, radicchio leaf, fresh ricotta


swiss chard pie, cheddar, confit garlic, fried egg


pappardelle, zucchini & squash, hazelnuts, sage, pecorino


maple syrup pie


Private dining room (lower level)

Left Bank