Bocca di Lupo (London, England)

Enjoyed a lovely brunch at Bocca di Lupo in London before heading back to New York City. A big thank you to one of my foodie buddies who hosted me for the weekend and took me to some amazing restaurants. Bocca is one of her favorite spots, and I can certainly see why. The shaved radish and celeriac salad was one of the most refreshing salads I have ever eaten, and the homemade pappardelle with ox cheek gave me a nice food coma before my flight. :)


Shaved radish, celeriac, and pecorino with pomegranate and truffle oil


Rustic pork and foie gras sausage with farro and porcini


Mozzarella bocconcini


Pappardelle with ox cheek, black pepper, and tomato

Bocca di Lupo (London, England)