Craft is one of my favorite restaurants of all time. The food is straightforward, classic, and absolutely delicious. Sometimes simple dishes are the hardest to make because there is nothing to hide behind. Chef Tom Colicchio does a phenomenal job of creating elegant dishes and bringing out the best in each ingredient. I love the family-style presentation and cast iron and copper pots. Every time I come here, I have a few go-to dishes that I always order — the crispy bacon (thick cut pieces), baby carrots (best carrots I’ve had in any restaurant), beef short ribs (tender and fatty), and the doughnuts (by far, the tastiest doughnuts I have ever eaten).  This time there was a special dish on the menu that I just had to have — ricotta gnocchi with white truffles. Amazing!  The food at Craft is heart-warming and always consistent, which is why I love it.

Craft: 43 East 19th Street (between Park Avenue South and Broadway)


Crispy Bacon & Honeycrisp Apple


Hamachi & Blood Orange


Ricotta Gnocchi & White Truffles


Baby Carrots


Beef Short Rib & Root Vegetables


Sugar & Spice Doughnuts with Bittersweet Chocolate & Meyer Lemon Curd


The doughnuts were so good, we had to get some to go!


The dining room — love the tree!