Range (Washington, DC)

I’m a huge fan of Chef Bryan Voltaggio, so naturally, I’ve been dying to check out his latest restaurant, Range. It was every bit as amazing as I dreamed it would be — maybe even better! The space is enormous and beautifully decorated, the seats were cushiony and comfortable, and the service was just phenomenal. We started off with a bottle of bubbly in honor of my cousin’s birthday… and then the feeding frenzy began. Let me first say that the menu was incredibly expansive and had tons of variety. My head was spinning — I wanted everything! We ordered a bunch of dishes: cornbread with bacon marmalade, salmon crudo, kimchi linguini with uni, meatball pizza, pork cheeks, diver sea scallops, rotisserie potatoes… it was quite the mixed bag of cuisines. I can honestly say that every single dish was perfectly executed and absolutely delicious! There were a few dishes during this meal that are worthy of the “BEST EVER” award: the kale caesar salad with sourdough croutons and egg emulsion, the fried brussels sprouts, and the lobster mac & cheese. I almost can’t believe that two out the three dishes I just listed have no meat in them, but it’s true. Chef Bryan knows how to make carnivores want to eat vegetables! Just when we thought we couldn’t eat anything else, the famous candy cart came rolling our way. We had the pleasure of selecting tiny bites of whatever treats we wanted, so we went for a s’mores rice crispy, Sicilian pistachio financier (my personal favorite), a salted caramel chocolate, and a strawberry green tea candy. Continuing with the birthday celebration, my cousin had a decadent chocolate dessert all to herself. Thanks, Chef Bryan, for an unforgettable meal! We can’t wait until our next trip to DC so we can return to Range.

Range: 5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC


Domaine Huet Vouvray Petillant Brut


Kale caesar, sourdough crouton, egg emulsion


Skillet corn bread, bacon marmalade


Wild salmon crudo, charred lemon, potato croquette


Old bay rigati, lobster macaroni and cheese


Pork cheeks, fig, baby leeks, garlic scape


Kimchi linguini, uni, scallop, nasturtium


Meatball pizza, fresh ricotta, roasted garlic, oregano


Fried brussels sprouts


The famous candy cart


Happy birthday to my lovely cousin!


S’mores rice crispy, Sicilian pistachio financier, salted caramel chocolate, strawberry green tea


The enormous dining room

Range (Washington, DC)