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I really liked Chef Angelo Sosa on Top Chef season 7, so I was looking forward to trying his new NYC restaurant with Korean-inspired food and a casual atmosphere (there’s picnic table seating! How awesome is that.) The Bibimbap Burger combined the classic flavors from the Korean dish with a juicy, medium rare burger. (Eater named it the Greatest Burger in America in a 2011 poll!) The Bulgogi burger and smoked ribs were also fantastic.

Social Eatz: 232 East 53rd Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenue)


BIBIMBAP BURGER (ground beef burger with slow cooked egg, pickled carrot and cucumber)  — “bibimbap” means “mixed meal” in Korean


BULGOGI BURGER (charred beef marinated in soy, sugar, garlic, sesame oil, and scallion, and garnished with cooled cucumber kimchee and kewpee – a Japanese mayo)  — “bulgogi” means “fire meat” in Korean


SMOKED RIBS (St. Louis ribs marinated in mesquite-smoked tamarind, with pineapple BBQ sauce)


KOREAN BEEF TACO (skirt steak in a sweet/savory sauce made of cane sugar and gochujang, served in warm corn torillas with spicy bean sprout kimchee)

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