Casa Mono [lunch]

Surprise lunches are awesome. My team enjoyed a delicious work lunch at Casa Mono, just a few blocks from our office. I’ve been here a bunch of times and absolutely love it, so I was psyched. I’ll take the manchego salad and crispy soft shell crab, please! Fantastic as always. For dessert, a co-worker and I shared a yummy almond cake dessert with olive oil ice cream and honey poached rhubarb. The only thing that would have made this meal better was a nice glass (or bottle) of wine… ūüėČ ¬†Oh well, back to work. Thanks for the nice treat, boss!

Casa Mono: 52 Irving Place (at East 17th Street)


Ensalada Mono with Manchego 


Paella Croquetas with Uni and Baby Tomatoes 


Soft Shell Crab with Crab Bisque, Purslane and Sugar Snaps 


Beautiful from every angle 


Torta de Almendras (Almond Cake, Olive Oil Ice Cream, Honey Poached Rhubarb)

Casa Mono [lunch]