Whiskey Smackdown: Scotch vs. Bourbon (Astor Center)

Learning is so much more fun when you’re drinking. I had a blast at the Whiskey Smackdown: Scotch vs. Bourbon class at the Astor Center. Our instructor, Robin Robinson, was super knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. He taught us about — and we got to sample firsthand — the different flavors, colors, and aromas of scotch and bourbon. Here’s what we tasted: Corner Creek, Smooth Ambler Old Scout, Blanton’s (BOURBON) and Dun Bheagan 8 yr, Old Pulteney 12 yr, AnCnoc 16 yr (SCOTCH). Plus we had two delicious cocktails, a Rob Roy with scotch and a Manhattan with bourbon, to sip on in between tastings. I’ve always been a scotch girl, but these days I’ve been getting more into bourbon. By the end of the class, I walked out of there with a head full of new knowledge — and a nice buzz. :) Take this class if you love whiskey!

Astor Center: 399 Lafayette Street (at East 4th Street)


It’s time for a Whiskey Smackdown!


Three scotches, three bourbons, and two mixed drinks for our tasting pleasure


Rob Roy (scotch, sweet vermouth, and a maraschino cherry)


Manhattan (bourbon, sweet vermouth, and bitters)


Our awesome instructor, Robin Robinson

Whiskey Smackdown: Scotch vs. Bourbon (Astor Center)