In-N-Out Burger (Las Vegas, NV)

Whenever I’m visiting the West Coast, I always make sure to stop by In-N-Out. The burgers are simple, inexpensive, and tasty. Taking down two cheeseburgers as a late afternoon snack is no problem. I also ordered a “Grilled Cheese”, only to find that it was basically a burger… without the burger. I got tricked! You can’t call it grilled cheese if it ain’t grilled! But that’s besides the point. I got two cheeseburgers for $4.50 and left full & happy. In-N-Out burgers rock!

In-N-Out Burger: (there are 16 different locations in Nevada!)




Two cheeseburgers for me


No, I didn’t eat this entire tray of burgers by myself! 😉 (Notice the “grilled cheese” – top row in the middle. Imposter!)



In-N-Out Burger (Las Vegas, NV)