Custom Blend Burgers (Home Cookin’)

While in Las Vegas, we decided to make a few high quality beef burgers with a custom blend of boneless chuck, sirloin, and skirt steak. The awesome butcher at Whole Foods ground up the meat on the spot for us, which we used to form our own patties at home. Just about 6 minutes after we placed them on the grill, the burgers were ready to eat. They were cooked to a nice medium / medium rare and were super juicy. Custom blended burgers rock!


The Whole Foods butcher cutting up the meats we chose


Grinding the meat


The custom blend: 50% boneless chuck, 25% skirt steak, and 25% sirloin


Burgers are formed and ready for the grill


Making some niceĀ grill marks


The finished product: our custom blended beef burgers with a slice of Land O’Lakes white American cheese


Cooked mediumĀ / medium rare and oozing with juices!

Custom Blend Burgers (Home Cookin’)