Maialino [lunch]

It’s only been a few weeks since I last ate lunch at Maialino, but those pastas were showing up in my dreams and telling me to come back. I couldn’t say no! :) This time around, a foodie friend and I tried the Polpo (grilled octopus — so tender and flavorful), the Spaghettini alla Vongole (over the past couple of years, this has become one of my favorite pastas), and the Malfatti (the literal translation is “badly made” — it refers to hand-rolled dumplings or gnocchi). Even though the Maialino Al Forno was not available as a lunch special today, we still got our roast suckling pig fix with the amazing Malfatti. Now I need a nap!

Maialino: 2 Lexington Ave (at East 21st Street)


Spaghettini alle Vongole (Clams, White Wine & Garlic)


Polpo (Octopus alla Piastra, Spring Onions & Farro Verde)


Malfatti (Braised Suckling Pig & Arugula)

Maialino [lunch]