The General

After tasting Chef Hung Huynh’s delicious food at Catch in NYC, I knew I had to head over to his newest restaurant, The General. Everything that we ordered was seriously AMAZING, from the appetizers (Tuna Tataki BLT and “Mercy” spicy tuna roll) to the entrees (Bourbon-Miso Chilean Bass and The General’s Beef & Broccoli). The Chilean bass literally melted in our mouths, it was so tender. And the “Beef & Broccoli” was not your run-of-the-mill Chinese takeout B & B — it consisted of super luscious bone-in beef short ribs and was paired with udon noodles and Chinese broccoli (which doesn’t have florets and is leafier than regular broccoli). PERFECTION! I was drooling over the short ribs because they were riddled with fat, just the way I love them. We also ordered a side of Hung’s Fried Rice, which was the best fried rice I’ve ever eaten. Something about that Chinese sausage and the fried egg on top that really did it for me. Then it was dessert time. We had some trouble deciding because they all sounded so good. The green tea dougnuts were a no-brainer, and I wanted to try The General’s Freezer (an assortment of frozen treats), but one of my friends thought it wouldn’t be enough for the three of us (hee hee)so we went with the chocolate trifle. Our fabulous waiter brought out the two desserts that we ordered… and then surprised us with The General’s Freezer, which was enormous! We were giddy with excitement and so full that we thought we wouldn’t be able to eat another bite, but we powered through and pretty much licked the plates clean. I love my friends’ appetites! :)

The General: 199 Bowery (at Spring Street)


TUNA TATAKI BLT (bacon, tomato guacamole, balsamic)


MERCY ROLL (spicy tuna, jalapeño salt, salsa verde)


BOURBON-MISO CHILEAN BASS (maple, green bean, napa cabbage)


HUNG’S FRIED RICE (chinese sausage, shrimp, egg)


THE GENERAL’S BEEF & BROCCOLI (braised bone-in short rib, udon, chinese broccoli)


Beautiful bone-in short rib


Look at that luscious fat!


GREEN TEA DONUT (green tea mascarpone cream, lemon honeycomb)


THE GENERAL’S FREEZER (raspberry yogurt pops, pb&j ice cream sandwich, chocolate chip cookie sandwich, assorted popsicles)


CHOCOLATE TRIFLE (liquid klondike, devils food brownie, five spice ice cream)


The front dining area

The General