Preserve24 Opening Night Party

So excited to attend the opening night party at Preserve24, the newest addition to the Lower East Side. The interior of the restaurant is stunning — so much work went into every single design detail, from the carved out pianos acting as liquor shelves to the enormous ship diorama above the upstairs bar. The place has got personality! It’s quirky, dark, and playful — I loved it. And it’s a huge space with dining areas and full bars on both floors, along with little nooks and crannies to hang out in. I didn’t get to sample as much of the food as I would have liked (too busy admiring the decor), but I did snag a bite of the Porterhouse (super rare, just the way I like it) and I indulged in the incredible cheese selection by the open kitchen on the lower level. From what I’ve seen tonight, Preserve24 looks like it’s going to be an awesome spot for happy hours, dinners, and late night drinks. The menu, created by Chef John Parlatore, looks great, and I’m really looking forward to coming back soon to sample his food!

Preserve24: 177 East Houston (at Allen Street)


The upstairs bar — check out the huge ship diorama


Have I died and gone to cheese heaven?


Love the open kitchen downstairs


Lamb chops


I was startled when I realized that the blue statue was actually a person!


The awesome downstairs bar, made of pianos


Porterhouse — super rare


Look, it’s a little guy!


Preserve24 Opening Night Party