Jack’s Bar-B-Que (Nashville, TN)

I was on a mission to eat as much good barbecue as I could while in Nashville. And Jack’s Bar-B-Que on Broadway did not let me down. I kept it simple — Beef brisket, mac & cheese, cole slaw. I made a special request for an extra fatty piece (I can’t stand lean brisket) and was ecstatic when I saw my meat glistening in the sunlight. That’s always a good sign. To be honest, I barely touched the sides because I was so focused on the brisket. Now let me just put it out there that the brisket bar was set really high for me after eating at North Main BBQ in Euless, Texas last year, where the brisket was absolutely the best I’ve ever had. I must admit, Jack’s came pretty close! The meat was insanely tender and riddled with sticky, gelatinous fat. Brisket makes me so happy! :)

Jack’s Bar-B-Que: 416 Broadway, Nashville, TN


Inside Jack’s — it’s packed!


Watching the masters at work


A wide variety of barbecue sauces to choose from


My platter: Beef brisket with mac & cheese and cole slaw


The sight of glistening fatty meat makes my heart skip a beat


The brisket had a nice, charred crust on the outside


Love the flying pigs

Jack’s Bar-B-Que (Nashville, TN)