Five Points Pizza (Nashville, TN)

Next stop while in East Nashville: Five Points Pizza — another awesome recommendation from Nashvillefoodie. I ordered a total of four slices: cheese, prosciutto & basil, and two of the daily specials —  B.S.T. (Bacon, Spinach, Tomato), South Brooklyn (red peppers, garlic, artichoke, basil). Wish I could have stayed to eat there because the dining room was really chill and they had some great beers on tap, but I had to get back to the hotel, so I took my slices to go. I managed to finish them all within the next twenty-four hours (you know, late night snacks and breakfast)… they were all so good. When I’m back in Nashville (hopefully next year) I’ll definitely be heading to Five Points for more of their tasty slices and to sample the stromboli, which I didn’t get a chance to have this time around. I’m looking forward to it!

Five Points Pizza: 1012 Woodland Street, Nashville, TN


Welcome to Five Points!


The dining room


Today’s slices


Cheese slice and Prosciutto & Basil


B.S.T. (Bacon, Spinach, Tomato) and the South Brooklyn (red peppers, garlic, artichoke, basil)

Five Points Pizza (Nashville, TN)