Mike’s Ice Cream (Nashville, TN)

After a savory and salty meal, I was in the mood for something sweet… and Mike’s Ice Cream hit the spot. They offer thirty different homemade flavors ranging from Red Velvet Cake and Toasted Coconut to Raspberry Cheesecake and Nutter Butter. There was also a few interesting ones — Moosetracks and Superhero — not really sure what was in them, but they sound intriguing. 😉 I went with my two all-time favorites: Cookies & Cream and Vanilla with Hot Fudge. I don’t eat ice cream very often, but when I do, I really enjoy it. Mike’s ice cream is super creamy and delicious!

Mike’s Ice Cream: 208 Broadway, Nashville, TN


Cookies & Cream


Cookies & Cream (aerial view)


Vanilla with Hot Fudge


Lots of delicious flavors to choose from!


Loved this tip jar sign “Every time you don’t tip, a child gets a mullet”

Mike’s Ice Cream (Nashville, TN)