Maialino [lunch]

I typically scarf down a salad at my desk because work is so crazy. Having an out-of-town visitor who loves to eat is a great reason to take a break from the office and enjoy an actual sit down lunch. Our impromptu trip to Maialino ended up being one of the best lunches I’ve ever had! First came the homemade pastas: Tonnarelli a cacio e pepe (pecorino & black pepper) — so simple and delicious — and Cavatelli with rapini, sausage & Fresno chilis — a fabulous recommendation from our awesome server, Blake. Then came a truly thrilling moment for us: the Maialino Al Forno (roast suckling pig) was being served as a lunch special!!! We could not believe our good fortune! It was every bit as succulent and tender as I remembered (I had it for the first time last summer and was blown away). The extra crispy skin was the best part! So, I’m on cloud nine, and then, it gets even better. We joked around with our server about getting some of the skin to go… and a few minutes later, he comes back to our table with a tiny brown bag containing four magnificent slivers of heaven (AKA the crispy pig skin). In my head, I’m already plotting how I can make it back to Maialino the next day (and every day). Chef Nick Anderer is a culinary genius!

Maialino: 2 Lexington Ave  (at East 21st Street)


Excited for a delicious lunch!


Tonnarelli a Cacio e Pepe (Pecorino & Black Pepper)


Cavatelli (Rapini, Sausage & Fresno Chilis)


Individual serving of the Al Forno (Roasted Suckling Pig with Crispy Skin)


Close up of the Al Forno’s crispy skin


Extra crispy skin to go! (I couldn’t help myself — I ate one of the them before I took the pic) :)

Maialino [lunch]