Speedy Romeo (Brooklyn, NY)

I made a promise to myself that this year I would venture into the far away land that is Brooklyn. First up: Speedy Romeo! Chef Justin Bazdarich (who worked with Jean-Georges Vongerichten for many years) opened Speedy Romeo in late 2011, featuring awesome wood-burning oven pizzas (I know that they are amazing because I had three of them). Thanks to the wonders of social media, I communicated with Chef Justin via Instagram when I was heading over for dinner and had the great pleasure of meeting him in person. My dining companion and I wanted to try a bunch of dishes, so we started with two appetizers — housemade mozzarella with butternut squash on a brown butter crostini (the mozz was super creamy and the brown butter was to die for) and an oven fried egg with veg hash, pancetta, and shaved pecorino (I love anything with a fried egg on top). Next came the pizzas: The Dick Dale, The Dangerfield, and The Spring Training — a special that was recommended by our server. All were fantastic! My fave was The Dangerfield — super meaty and cheesy with crispy garlic chips. YUM! Both desserts were fab, too (fried dough and affogato). Chef Justin made my day by offering us the opportunity to witness (and photograph) the branding of the marshmallow on the chocolate cake (see the play by play below). Naturally, I was beyond ecstatic. :) What an amazing meal by an incredibly talented chef. Many thanks, Chef Justin, for your hospitality! We will soon be back for more!

Speedy Romeo: 376 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY


HOUSE MOZZARELLA Butternut Squash, Golden Raisins, Brown Butter Crostini


OVEN FRIED EGG Root Vegetable Hash, Pancetta, Pecorino


THE DICK DALE Speck, Pineapple, Provel, Grilled Scallions


THE DANGERFIELD Pork & Veal Meatballs, Ricotta, Bechamel, Garlic Chips


THE SPRING TRAINING Olli Pancetta, Ricotta, Snow Pea Shoots, Farm Egg, Mint


AFFOGATO Blue Marble Ice Cream, Kitten Espresso, Boat Cookies




The Chocolate Cake and Graham Cracker. Hmm, something’s missing…


Branding in action. Man, that’s HOT!


It smelled like roasting marshmallows over a camp fire. Loved it.


The finished product: Chocolate Cake with a perfectly branded Marshmallow and Graham Crackers


The dining room


The awesomely talented Chef Justin Bazdarich

Speedy Romeo (Brooklyn, NY)