Nilagang Baka (Home Cookin’)

Easter is here! That means Lent is officially over, and I am reunited with the love of my life… MEAT. It feels so good! To celebrate my 46 days without beef, pork, or whiskey, I prepared my favorite meal ever: Nilagang Baka (also known as Nilaga). It is really simple to make and SO DELICIOUS. Please see mouth-watering photos below. Short ribs, I’ve missed you!


Beautifully fatty bone-in beef short ribs and bone marrow bones from Whole Foods


Everything is in the pot and ready to go


Fish sauce is the key to making the soup taste like heaven!


Cabbage adds a slight touch of sweetness


And here it is… my favorite meal in the whole world


White rice of the side is a must!

Nilagang Baka (Home Cookin’)