Salmon Chowder (Home Cookin’)

Salmon Chowder is one of my homemade dishes that I am most proud of. I was first inspired to try my hand at making it after Bobby Flay challenged Dan Bugge and Chef Chester “Chet” Gerl of Matt’s in the Market in Seattle to a salmon chowder throwdown. There was something about the broth that drew me in… it is much lighter than traditional chowders — a combination of homemade seafood stock and a touch of heavy cream. I’ve prepared it about a dozen times since the show aired in 2011, and I think I’ve perfected it. :)  Using Dan & Chet’s recipe as a starting point, I tweaked it a bit to fit my own tastes. And since I can’t indulge in any pork products during Lent (only 2 more days to go!), I made two versions — one with bacon and one without. I have to admit, even without the bacon, it’s still so delicious!


One by one, I removed the prawns from their shells… a time consuming task, but totally worth it


The seafood stock is almost ready


After water and white wine are added, it simmers for about an hour


The flavors are slowly melding 


Time to strain!


Celery, Yukon Gold Potatoes, and Yellow Onion are key ingredients


Bacon is optional :)


Sweating the celery, potatoes, and onions 


Bacon adds a nice richness 


The seafood stock is added along with a splash of heavy cream


The veggies have softened, but are still a bit firm… just the way I like them


Gorgeous Atlantic Salmon — nice and fatty!


This is the pescetarian version. I like to add my salmon a minute or two before serving so that it’s nice and rare.


The real-deal version with little bits of bacon. So freakin’ good!

Salmon Chowder (Home Cookin’)