Marea features some of the best seafood and homemade pasta dishes that I’ve ever had. MUST HAVE DISH (if you like sea urchin): Ricci (sea urchin, lardo, and sea salt) — it’s fresh, creamy, rich, salty… reminds me of the ocean. I tried the fusilli with red wine braised octopus and bone marrow for the first time.  WOW.  The photo does not do it justice. It was phenomenal! The octopus was really tender and the bone marrow added a great unctuousness to the dish. By the time the whole branzino came along, I was stuffed, but still had to try it — very light and delicate with just a touch of lemon. I’m going to have to try making salt-baked fish at home now!

Marea: 240 Central Park South


RICCI (sea urchin, lardo, sea salt)


ASTICE (nova scotia lobster, burrata, eggplant al funghetto, basil)


FUSILLI (red wine braised octopus, bone marrow)  ONE OF THE MOST DELICIOUS PASTAS I’VE EVER HAD!


BRANZINO (whole fish, salt baked)