Acme [brunch]

I am usually not awake in time for brunch on weekends, but I made an exception for brunch at Acme with some very special out-of-town visitors. :)  I like the fact that the menu mixed in a few interesting dishes (like beer and bread porridge with salted caramel ice cream) with more traditional brunch fare. We tried the steak and eggs (loved the addition of the capers), pork sandwich (YUM), Danish doughnuts (reminded me of pop-overs), and the bread pudding griddle cake (my favorite dish — it was sweet, crispy, and buttery). Overall, a delicious way to start a Sunday.

Acme: 9 Great Jones Street (at Lafayette)


Steak and sunny-side eggs, roasted potatoes, ramps


Danish doughnuts with dulce du leche and apple dipping sauces


Bread pudding griddle cake with rhubarb and raw maple syrup


Pork sandwich with pickled green tomatoes, fennel, aioli


Acme [brunch]