Enoteca Maria (Staten Island, NY)

After seeing this unique restaurant featured on The Cooking Channel, where the chefs are Italian grandmas (“nonnas”), I knew I had to try it. It is located in Staten Island, only a five minute walk from the Staten Island Ferry. The menus change daily and are created by the nonnas, who hail from all different regions of Italy. Our cook of the day was Christina from Bergamo in Northern Italy. Since Italian food is what I grew up eating, I was excited to try as many dishes as possible. The four that stood out the most to me were the margherita pizza (the crust was incredible), meatballs (moist and juicy), eggplants “boats” with rice, mozzarella, ricotta, ground beef, and peas (the ultimate comfort food), and the rigatoni with garlic, oil, and broccoli (the broccoli was chopped so finely that it was almost like a sauce — SO GOOD!) Halfway through our meal, Christina came over to our table to chat and see how we liked the food — she was very sweet. If you like delicious, comforting, homemade Italian food, you will love Enoteca Maria.

Enoteca Maria: 27 Hyatt Street, Staten Island, NY


Pizza Margherita with fresh mozzarella


The crust of the pizza was so tasty!


Polpette (homemade meatballs)


Rigatoni Aglio Olio (homemade rigatoni pasta sauteed in garlic and oil with broccoli and topped with toasted walnuts)


Melanzane Ripiene (eggplant boats stuffed with rice, mozzarella, ground beef, peas, and ricotta cheese)

Enoteca Maria (Staten Island, NY)