The Mother Load of Craft Beers

I just got a package containing one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received:  Twelve huge bottles of AMAZING craft beers! :-)  I can’t even contain my excitement! This incredible selection consists of “extremely high-end American craft beers and cream-of-the-crop imported beers” (as described on the website, Beers On The Wall). It goes on to say, “Most people aren’t worthy of such a magnificent beer gift… but there are a few exceptions. Do you know one?”  I am so flattered to be the recipient of such a thoughtful and special present. A million thanks to two of my favorite people in the whole world for bestowing upon me the BEST GIFT EVER. My affinity for beer has grown exponentially over the past couple of years, and I cannot wait to experience all of the fantastic ones that are now in my possession. Cheers!


How amazing are these beers!?!


And the bottles are gigantic! (750 ml)


One of my faves… Ommegang Belgian-style Pale Ale


I also love me some Allegash


How can you go wrong with anything “aged with French oak”?


This bottle is super cute!


I’ve heard amazing things about this one!

The Mother Load of Craft Beers