Our Global Kitchen (American Museum of Natural History)

I saw an advertisement in the subway for a food exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History called  “Our Global Kitchen” and decided to check it out. I went at 3:30pm on a Saturday afternoon and spent an hour walking through the exhibit and snapping lots of pics. There were a couple of short movies playing on loop, some cool interactive features like “smell machines” where you pushed a button to get a whiff of things like lemons, garlic, thyme, lavender, and fennel, and a digital cooking demo that shows you how to prepare meals using various cooking methods like roasting, steaming, and poaching. There was also a Vietnamese coffee tasting in the demo kitchen and lots of interesting information on the walls. It was extremely crowded (and hot) when I went, making it hard to get to everything, so I took as many pics as I could in order to read it all when I got home. I thought it was a great idea that AMNH designed an entire exhibit featuring food education, but had hoped for more actual food to be included. If you’re interested in checking out this exhibit, it’s $27 per person and runs until August 2013. I recommend going during off hours so that you’ll have a chance to really absorb all of the info and won’t suffer from heatstroke. 😉

The American Museum of Natural History: Central Park West at 79th Street


The exhibit entrance on the third floor


About the exhibit


Interactive smell machines


Info on molecular gastronomy


Interactive digital cooking demo


Why do certain foods trigger emotional memories?


Are you a supertaster? 

Our Global Kitchen (American Museum of Natural History)