Lonesome Dove Western Bistro (Fort Worth, TX)

I am in love with Chef Tim Love! The food at Lonesome Dove absolutely blew me away. The menu was a great mix of hearty meats (like wagyu skirt steak and wild boar ribs) and unexpected proteins (kangaroo nachos and rabbit-rattlesnake sausage — which were really tasty). So interesting and creative! The white truffle macaroni and cheese was honestly one of the tastiest that I’ve ever eaten. It was made with an orzo-like pasta, which I’ve never had before in mac + cheese, the sauce was creamy yet light, and the truffle was subtle. Added bonus: we were seated in the back and got to watch the cowboy-hat wearing chefs cook in the partially open kitchen. :)

Lonesome Dove Western Bistro: 2406 North Main Street, Fort Worth, TX


Rabbit-Rattlesnake sausage, spicy manchego rosti, creme fraiche


Kangaroo carpaccio nachos, avocado salsa, habanero-fig demi-glace


Wild boar ribs, house-made pickles, Lonesome Dove BBQ sauce


White truffle macaroni and cheeseĀ  — ONE OF THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD!


Wagyu skirt steak, pommes frites, arugula, bearnaise


Texas yellow squash soup with gruyere and creme fraiche


Cowboy chefs are cute!

Lonesome Dove Western Bistro (Fort Worth, TX)