Ai Fiori

Our Valentine’s Day celebration was a day early this year, and we were super pumped to head back to Ai Fiori for some amazing Italian food. I’ve had Vellutata (the best lobster soup ever) on the brain for the last nine months and knew that I had to have it. As it turns out, Ai Fiori was serving a Valentine’s Day prix fixe and tasting menu from Wednesday through Saturday, and sadly, the Vellutata was not one of the options. I quickly got over my disappointment as I feasted on several incredible dishes, including the Zuppa di Zucca (a rich, creamy butternut squash soup with foie gras, brown butter and pickled squash), the Uovo in Brodo (a perfectly slow poached egg with black truffle and parmesan), the Tortelli (a ricotta & mascarpone ravioli topped with sottocenere cheese and drizzled with a red wine glaze), the Bouillabaisse (a delicious saffron broth with perfectly cooked scallops, langoustines, squid, mussels, clams, etc.), and finally, yummy petits fours and a refreshing set of pear and green apple sorbets. I am not exaggerating when I say that I literally devoured every bite of all of the above listed items. It was absolutely incredible! What a perfect way to spend pre-Valentine’s Day. Thank you, Chef Michael White, for yet another sensational meal. I’ll be back soon for that Vellutata!

Ai Fiori: 400 Fifth Avenue (between West 36th and 37th Street)


Amuse bouche: white bean puree


Zuppa di Zucca (butternut squash soup, pickled delicata squash, brown butter, foie gras)


Uovo in Brodo (slow poached egg, black truffle, parmesan, focaccia)


Tortelli (ricotta & mascarpone ravioli, sottocenere cheese, red wine glaze)


Bouillabaisse (saffron broth, langoustine, scallops, bouchot mussels, rouille)


Assorted sorbets (pear and green apple)


Petits fours

Ai Fiori