Bottega (Yountville, CA)

Eating at Bottega makes me so happy. This was my second time there, and it was even better than the first (if that’s possible). We were fortunate to be able to dine outside, since the weather was cool and crisp. The atmosphere was cozy and comfortable, with dim lighting and the smell of burning firewood (which I love). ¬†Homemade pasta has a special place in my heart, so naturally, I am a fan of Michael Chiarello’s scrumptious pastas. We ordered lots of different dishes, including the “Bacon & Egg” (pork belly with a crispy, soft-cooked egg…. YUM), short rib meatballs (I could have eaten 20 of these), pasta fritta (so light and crispy), and the raviolo (butter, ricotta, runny egg yolk, black truffles… need I say more?) It was a perfect evening of great food and great friends.

Bottega: 6525 Washington Street, Yountville, CA


“Bacon & Egg” (braised pork belly, crispy soft-cooked egg, four bean Tuscan salad, preserved meyer lemon marmellata, lemon verbena)


Grilled Short Rib Meatballs (Sicilian heirloom tomato sauce, coal-roasted eggplant passata, cucumber, grapes, house-made ricotta)


Pasta Fritta (organic house-cured prosciutto, melon-prosecco nuvola, summer melon, micro basil)


Potato Dough Raviolo filled with spinach, ricotta, black truffles, farm fresh egg yolk, sage brown butter

Bottega (Yountville, CA)