Hop Kee

Hop Kee is my go-to spot for food in Chinatown. Great for late night excursions (it’s open until 4am on Friday and Saturday). Sometimes you just need a delicious, greasy meal — and Hop Kee is the perfect place for it! (You’ll notice that every dish below contains the word “fried” in the description.) My favorite dishes are the beef pan-fried noodles (we specifically request no vegetables so we can focus on the beef), fried pork chops (crispy with a touch of heat from the jalapenos), and fried rice (no soy sauce and extra egg). This time around we also got the fried whole chicken (super crispy, delicious skin) and the pan fried flounder (tasty, but very salty). I left there feeling happy, satiated, and slightly dehydrated (totally worth it :)).

Exciting update: I started using my new camera (Canon Powershot S100) for the photos below. What a difference – the quality is amazing!

Hop Kee: 21 Mott Street (at Mosco Street)


Beef pan-fried noodles 


Fried pork chops with jalapeno


Chicken fried rice (no soy sauce)


Fried whole chicken

Hop Kee