I’m so glad that I read Chef Gabrielle Hamilton’s memoir, “Blood, Bones, and Butter”, before dining at Prune. (A big thank you to a fellow food lover who shared the book with me!) It was incredibly honest and bittersweet — she has led a fascinating and complicated life, and possesses an unrelenting work ethic. I felt like I had a much greater understanding of and appreciation for the restaurant and her food after reading about her struggles. The name “Prune” was actually Chef Gabrielle’s childhood nickname. Many of the dishes on the menu reflect things that she loved to eat while growing up, like radishes with sweet butter & kosher salt and sardines with Triscuits & mustard. I thoroughly enjoyed her style of cooking — everything felt homemade and was really satisfying.The parmesan omelette was light and fluffy; the pork sausage was hearty and filling. The blackened Swiss chard stems with garlic and salt were one of the specials of the evening — simple and bursting with flavor. My favorite dish ended up being the creamed dry corn with ham, chicken, and shrimp. At first it sounded like a random combination of ingredients and I wasn’t even planning on ordering it, but a friend decided that we should just go for it. What a good call. It was absolutely delicious and unlike anything I’ve had before. Our meal was finished off with a refreshing apple sorbet topped with apple brandy. Overall, it was a wonderful dining experience, from the laid-back atmosphere to the friendly service and, most of all, the amazing food!

Prune: 54 East 1st Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenue)


Radishes with sweet butter and kosher salt (from the Bar menu)


Parmesan Omelette


Fresh Pork Sausage on Wilted Escarole and Turnip Greens


Creamed Dry Corn with Ham, Chicken, and Shrimp (AMAZING!)


Blackened Swiss Chard Stems (one of the specials of the night)