Shake Shack – Battery Park City

It feels like a Shake Shack kind of day. I’m in the mood for my favorite hot dog, the Dogmeister, smothered in ooey gooey cheese sauce and delicious crispy shallots. Mmm mmm good!  I also had to have my go-to Black & White shake and sampled the special concrete of the day, “Shackenstein” (how cute is that name?!)  A note to all Shack Fans: CRINKLE CUTS ARE COMING BACK!!!! Starting on Monday, October 27, the amazing crinkle cut fries will be back at the Batter Park City location. Time to do the happy happy joy joy dance. Oh, crinkle cuts, how I have missed you!

Shake Shack: 215 Murray Street (between West Street and North End Avenue)


Dogmeister (topped with Shack cheddar & American cheese sauce and crispy Shackmeister Ale-marinated shallots)


Had to capture the Dogmeister from another glorious angle

Special “Shackenstein” concrete with marshmallows and chocolate cake


Another tasty meal at the Shack!

Katz’s Delicatessen

Katz’s Delicatessen is an iconic Jewish deli that has been around for a whopping 126 years. It opened in 1888 and has been serving up hand-carved pastrami and corned beef (and much more) ever since! We were in the mood for a hearty sandwich, so we decided to test out a delivery service called Postmates that will go to a restaurant or store, pick up whatever you want, and deliver to your door. Pretty sweet. In under an hour, we were enjoying pastrami & corned beef sammies along with hot dogs and homemade pickles from Katz’s Deli. To sum it up in one word: DELISH!!! The corned beef and pastrami are incredibly tender and flavorful — my personal fave is the corned beef (extra fatty, of course). Throw in some awesome pickles, the most amazing mustard I’ve ever tried, and a snappy hot dog on the side…  Now that’s a darn good meal. :)

Katz’s Delicatessen: 205 East Houston Street (at Ludlow)


Katz’s Corned Beef Sandwich (secret “dry cure” pickling formula requires a full month to prepare)


Katz’s Pastrami Sandwich (smoked to juicy perfection and hand carved)


Frankfurter (“Best of New York” natural casing all beef dog)


“Full sours”  (Katz’s favorite mouth-watering pickles for 125 years) and “new” pickles (lighter, fresher pickles that more closely resemble a cucumber)


Close up of Katz’s Corned Beef Sandwich


Close up of Katz’s Pastrami Sandwich

Maialino (Private Dining)

I have been a huge fan of Maialino for several years now, so it was truly an honor to host a very special celebration in their private dining room. From the incredible food & wine to the fantastic service, everything was magnificent! We chose a family-style four course menu, which included scrumptious antipasti (prosciutto di parma, buffalo mozzarella, assorted salumi), two of my favorite pastas (tonnarelli cacio e pepe & ravioli di ricotta), incredible entrees (olive oil poached sea bass & roasted sirloin) with an assortment of sides (sauteed spinach, mascarpone polenta, roasted potatoes), and delectable desserts (olive oil cake & chocolate croissant bread pudding). We loved everything. For me, the standout dish was the sea bass — it was my first time trying it and it was out of this world! To complement each course, we had a beautiful selection of Italian wines: prosecco, a rich white wine, and both light and full-bodied reds. My family and I had the best time feasting on great food and drinking up a storm. As an added bonus, I was escorted into the kitchen where I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Chef de Cuisine Jason Pfeifer and Executive Sous Chef Jon Lavelle. What an amazing night. Many thanks to the Maialino team for a fabulous celebration!

Maialino: 2 Lexington Ave (at East 21st Street)


Prosciutto di Parma


Buffalo Mozzarella


Assorted Salumi


Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe (Pecorino & Black Pepper)


Ravioli di Ricotta (Spinach, Lemon & Sage)


Bistecca (Roasted Sirloin & Sel Gris)


Spigola (Olive Oil Poached Sea Bass Filets)


Spinaci (Sautéed Spinach & Lemon)


Mascarpone & Olive Oil Polenta


Patate al Forno (Roasted Potatoes & Rosemary)


Torta di Olio d’ Oliva (Olive Oil Cake & Vanilla Bean Mascarpone)


Budino di Cioccolato (Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding & Hazelnut Gelato)

Le Pain Quotidien

My beloved quinoa taboulé salad at Le Pain Quotidien has been updated for the winter! The new cold weather version contains red beets, celery, and mint along with a refreshing citrus-y vinaigrette (note to self: I need to find out exactly what’s in it). I made a request to add avocado (mainly because I’m obsessed with it), but also because it adds a nice creamy texture to an otherwise crunchy/crispy salad. YUM!

Le Pain Quotidien (there are so many locations!)


Winter Quinoa Taboulé Salad with red beets, celery, parsley, mint, frisée, arugula, and chickpeas 

Dig Inn Seasonal Market

I just recently discovered Dig Inn when a new location opened up down the block from my apartment. After a long weekend of indulgent eating, I was craving something fresh and light. Dig Inn to the rescue! I thoroughly enjoyed the spicy meatballs (the perfect amount of mild heat), the flame-grilled wild salmon (cooked to order) and the seasonal quinoa salad (refreshing and satisfying). Everything I had was full of flavor and I would definitely go back for more. Plus, the service was super friendly and fun. Dig Inn just may be my new go-to spot for tasty, healthy meals!

Dig Inn Seasonal Market (there are so many locations!)


Flame-grilled wild salmon over brown rice and seasonal quinoa salad 


Spicy meatballs over brown rice, seasonal quinoa salad, and kale & apple salad